Stor-All Kitchen

Stor-All Solutions offers a full line of Kitchen Basics as well as a variety of revolutionary product categories designed to meet your every need…and to match any décor! Our Grip-Tite & Micro-Serve containers make Microwave food prep easy, without compromising food freshness, while our Designer & Classic Design Sets will compliment your meal presentations and beautify your table. Store-All Solutions also offers an extensive line of Food Keepers, Dispensers, handy Kitchen Accessories, Multi-Pack Reusable Sets, as well as a full line of Food Storage Bags & Cling-Tite Plastic Wrap. So whether you are looking for products for everyday use, ones that are suited to a specific kitchen need, or are simply looking to beautify your kitchen and home, let Stor-All be the solution for you!

  • Everyday Food Storage

    Let Stor-All's line of Everyday Food Storage products be the one source for all of your kitchen and food storage needs. From Storage Containers, to Keepers, to Multi-Packs & Sets, Stor-All has a storage solution that is a perfect fit in your refrigerator, pantry and cupboard.

  • Micro-Serve

    If you're looking for Food Storage containers that are as great on your table as they are in your Refrigerator, Stor-All's line of Micro-Serve products are the ones for you! With a re-closable opening to vent hot foods during Microwave prep, they will also keep refrigerated foods fresh with a secure seal when closed. These versatile containers also feature a handy "Date Dial" built right into the lid to help guarantee freshness from freezer to table!

  • Classic Designs

    Stor-All's "Classic Designs" Decorative Tableware containers are Ready-To-Serve and will help keep your food fresh in style! Available in a variety of attractive designs with matching color lids, these containers are available individually and in sets.

  • Expressions

    Food Storage doesn’t have to be boring! Express yourself with our line of trendy & stylish food storage containers, lunch boxes & sets. Featuring decorative lids that include a space for a personal note, these containers are a perfect match to any home décor and are also a great way to deliver anything from holiday foods, treats & small gifts to family and friends.

  • Grip-Tite

    Stor-All's Grip-Tite line of food storage sets feature textured lids that will give you an amazing "Grip That Never Slips!" Each lid features specially textured edges that provide a better grip for opening and closing, a tight seal for less spills and fresher food, as well as a built-in Micro-Vent opening that's ideal for Microwave use.

  • Designer Sets

    Liven up your kitchen while keeping your foods fresh with Stor-All's line of Designer Sets! These stackable, nestable storage sets include a variety of different sized containers each with individually colored bands to brighten up any space.

  • Food Storage Sets

    At Stor-All, Food Storage Sets are our specialty! Ranging from “feature-rich functional” to “high-end decorative”, we proudly offer a variety of affordable, high quality sets to meet all of your food storage needs. Our sets are also nestable to help you maximize your valuable kitchen storage space.

  • Reusable

    Manage all of your kitchen storage needs with Stor-All's Durable & All-Purpose line of Reusable, everyday food containers. Available in both multi-packs & sets, our Reusable containers are not only a great value, but are also a perfect way to keep meals fresh and spill-free!

  • On The Go

    Why compromise on freshness, convenience or style when it comes to your meals to go? With Stor-All's line of "On The Go" products you'll never have to! Featuring an assortment of lunch boxes, carrying bags, insulated cases & self-cooling containers, we've assembled a variety of storage products designed to fit your active lifestyle. Whether it’s for work, school or travel, your meals to go have never been this fun...or easy!

  • Glass

    Stor-All's assortment of Glass Storage Sets offer a beautiful new option to your home food storage needs. With secure, brightly colored lids made from BPA-Free Virgin Plastic, these stylish Glass container sets will look great anywhere in your kitchen!

  • Kitchen Accessories

    Stor-All's robust line of Kitchen Accessories are designed with "kitchen organization" in mind. From bins, to trays, to organizers…and more, we offer a wide variety of high quality, durable products that are great for keeping all of your ingredients, cutlery & cooking utensils handy and clutter-free!

  • Food Storage Bags

    Stor-All's line of Food Storage Bags & Cling-Tite plastic wrap offer you the quality you would expect from "Name Brands", but at the right price! Available as single boxes or in Value Packs, our storage bags come in a variety of capacity sizes for both "standard" & "freezer" specific use with easy to seal zipper & slider closures.