About Us

about us
About Stor-All Solutions
Stor-All Solutions is a proud member of the Misco family brands. These include Misco Home & Garden, Country Silk, and Misco Home Decor. For over 40 years the privately held Missry Associates, Inc. has been successfully marketing and selling quality and innovative consumer products through diverse retail channels.

In the on-going tradition of unique design, superior manufacturing and on time service, Stor-All Solutions is a pioneer in new product development.

Stor-All Solutions provides branded and private label answers for retailers in diverse market channels. We specialize in delivering:
    • Engineering expertise

    • Manufacturing as a prime source

    • Custom made products and programs that capture the consumers’ need

  • East coast and west coast distribution( New Jersey and California) to maintain freight cost

Our Commitment
Our reputation for quality, innovation and service has been earned through hard work. Servicing some of the largest and most demanding retailers, Misco has consistently provided a 99.4% fill rate.

Whether the order originates from our overseas factories or one of our two US facilities, we can ensure on time delivery. With warehouses in California
and New Jersey, Misco has the inventory and product to ship when and where it is needed.

Our Customer Service Department is able to interface with all electronic ordering systems and shipping requirements.

Our Process and Materials
To ensure customer satisfaction every Stor-All Solutions product is made to the highest standards. Our engineering staff rigorously test for quality and value.

Food storage products are always
  • Produced with virgin material only
  • BPA free
  • Dishwasher, Freezer and Microwave safe

Storage products are always designed to
  • Meet the rigors of the real world
  • Pleasing to the eye with the latest colors
  • Innovative for the changing household environment