9 Cup Rectangle Micro-Serve Container (5 Pack)

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9 Cup Rectangle Micro-Serve Container (5 Pack)

Product ID:   MV72RT10/8-005/8-007/8-031


Heat or Refrigerate your meals with ease using Stor-All's amazing line of Micro-Serve Food Containers. These uniquely designed containers feature a re-sealable opening that can be used to vent hot foods during Microwave preparation and that can be closed to create a secure seal for keeping your stored, refrigerated foods fresh. Another handy feature is the lid's built-in "Date Dial" that allows you to mark the date on stored foods. All Stor-All food storage products are made from BPA-Free virgin plastic, are Microwave, Dishwasher & Freezer Safe and stack or nest conveniently on your counter or in your cupboard.

Capacity: 9 Cup

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